How To Create invokable Controller In Laravel

  Oct 2023
  Category: Laravel
How To Create invokable Controller In Laravel

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Lets see about the invokable controller, If any of the controller function is more complex it will be more convenient to dedicate the entire controller class to do a single action. This can be achieved by using the __invoke method in Laravel. By declaring the controller as a invokable controller it can be only use to do the specific functions only, Lets see how its done.

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Creating the invokable Controller : Creating a invokable controller is similar as of creating normal controller. It is done by adding --invokable in the Artisan command.

php artisan make:controller ProvisionServer --invokable

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While declaring the route for the invokable controller we don't have to determine the class name since invokable controller it dedicated to perform a single function only.


use App\Http\Controllers\ProvisionServer;
Route::get('/server', ProvisionServer::class);

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Defining the invokable controller : The controller is declared by adding the __invoke()

namespace App\Http\Controllers;
class ProvisionServer extends Controller
     * Provision a new web server.
    public function __invoke()
        // ...

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Running the Laravel Project

php artisan serve

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Calling the Controller via Route


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