How To Add Page Number In PDF File In React Native

  Jul 2023
  Category: React JS
How To Add Page Number In PDF File In React Native

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Lets see How To Add Page Number In PDF File In React Native.

Install React and react-pdf

Lets install react-pdf

npm install @react-pdf/renderer --save

Add Dynamic Page Number

With react-pdf, now it is possible to render dynamic text based on the context. we need to pass a function to the render prop of the or component.

import { Document, Page } from '@react-pdf/renderer'

const doc = () => (
    <Page wrap>
      <Text render={({ pageNumber, totalPages }) => (
        `${pageNumber} / ${totalPages}`
      )} fixed />

      <View render={({ pageNumber }) => (
        pageNumber % 2 === 0 && (
          <View style={{ background: 'red' }}>
            <Text>I'm only visible in odd pages!</Text>
      )} />

Page Number arguments

pageNumber - > Current page number
totalPages Text only - > The total amount of pages in the final document
subPageNumber - > Current subpage in the Page component
subPageTotalPages Text only - > The total amount of pages in the Page component

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  page: { padding: 60 },
  box: { width: '100%', marginBottom: 30, borderRadius: 5 },
  pageNumbers: {
    position: 'absolute',
    bottom: 20,
    left: 0,
    right: 0,
    textAlign: 'center'

const doc = (
    <Page style={} size="A4" wrap>
      <View style={[, { height: 400, backgroundColor: 'black' }]} />
      <View style={[, { height: 280, backgroundColor: 'lightgray' }]} />
      <View style={[, { height: 600, backgroundColor: 'deepskyblue' }]} />
      <View style={[, { height: 400, backgroundColor: 'olive' }]} />
      <Text style={styles.pageNumbers} render={({ pageNumber, totalPages }) => (
        `${pageNumber} / ${totalPages}`
      )} fixed />


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